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There are a couple of general rules of thumb that I have learned regarding business.  (1) If you listen, people will tell you about their desires and needs and (2) If you listen long enough they will tell you how they would like them to be fulfilled.  That is essentially how the idea for Rolling Consignments, LLC was born.  Back in early 2013, I was looking for a business opportunity in the Ark-La-Tex and came upon an idea based upon conversations across a rather wide demographic of the local population.  It seemed that no matter the genre of vehicular product that was for sale by owner, one of the common denominators of conversation was the desire/need to sell the vehicle yet having trepidation over perfect strangers come to their home.  A close second was the lack of enthusiasm over either losing a rather large percentage of financial return through the trade-in process or having to wade through a complicated process of obscure percentages in a consignment agreement.  Both could result in the same diminished fiscal outcome.  Taking these two primary client desires into account, a business model began to form.  I knew that the overall process must speak to the safety aspect because it would all but remove the seller/buyer interaction yet preserve the seller authority regarding the desired return on his or her goods.   Another portion removes the ambiguity of the fixed expenses that must be accounted for by the seller in that the fees are set both at the time of contract and at the time of sale.  Once these two goals were met, the rest of the service could be defined.  Value, I feel, is defined by the elimination of hassle throughout the process, open communication with the client and bringing the full power of the web and our high traffic location to bear in order to expedite the sale of the vehicle.   Service should be a complete process so processing of the appropriate paper work at the time of sale is also addressed.  Essentially all that is required of the seller is to drop off the vehicle and return for the funds after it is sold.  It is my fervent belief that perception is 90% reality and it is my constant and continuous desire that the service and value product executed by Rolling Consignments, LLC becomes a benchmark in the industry.

Buying clients are not left out by any means at Rolling Consignments, LLC.  Our feedback from buying clients regarding why they preferred purchasing from private owners had to do with, almost exclusively, known commodity regarding the quality and history of the vehicle.  We also listened to frustrations regarding the scheduling process of trying to put two busy private lives together to consummate the deal.  By being completely accessible to the buyers as well as being transparent regarding the representation of the product of the sellers the environment becomes a win-win for both parties. 

All in all, the entire scope of the business model has proven to be received well beyond our goals and expectations and is more fun every day.  That, in and of itself, speaks volumes.  The buy/sell process should be about new beginnings, not dread.

Very best regards,

Brian W. Nallin
Rolling Consignments, LLC

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